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Thank you for considering a loan with Royalty Lender.  Royalty Lender has a unique loan product that is simple to understand and easy to close and fund.  Here are some of the features and general terms of the royalty loan:



 An individual, a business, or trust may be eligible to  borrow up to (25) twenty-five times your current monthly royalty income.  For example, if you are receiving a total of $1,000 in royalty income, you may borrow up to $25,000.  Royalty Lender will not pull your credit report nor factor your credit history into the loan decision.

  • You will not be personally liable for the loan.  No borrower, individual or company, will have any liability associated with the indebtedness to Royalty Lender.
  • Royalty Lender will only look to the royalty income for repayment.  Your royalty will never be in jeopardy of foreclosure action.
  • Royalty Lender will file a lien against the royalty interest and instruct the energy company to begin sending the monthly royalty check to Royalty Lender.  The production payments will be applied each month to the loan.  Once the loan is paid in full, the lien will be released and the monthly income stream will be re-directed back to you.
  • The loan will have no set monthly payment.   The monthly loan payments will equal the monthly royalty income received.  The  monthly royalty income check will be applied to your loan, first to interest and then to principal.  Once the total principal is paid to a $0 balance, the income will be directed to you.
  • The interest rate will be fixed for the life of the loan.  The initial loan rate will vary depending on the current market rates.
  • The loan will incur an origination fee of 3 percent.  This fee will be deducted from the loan proceeds.  For example, if your loan is $25,000 and the origination fee is 3%, your net loan proceeds at closing will be $24,250.
  • You may have Royalty Lender pay your ad valorem taxes each January during the term of the loan.




You may email this information to or fax it to 817-598-1154, attention Dirk Davis. 


Upon receipt of the copy of your royalty statement and check, Royalty Lender will determine if your income is sufficient to meet the minimum loan amount.  Once that has been established, we will contact you to go over the loan details and request the remaining information needed to complete the loan process.   Our goal is to get cash to you as soon as possible.  The entire process should not take more than three weeks from the time all the information is received. 


Take advantage of your royalty income stream and secure a loan with Royalty Lender to meet your current financial needs.

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